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June 7, 2023

Celebrating Good Friday with a Twist: Animal Land's Alice in Wonderland Event

Celebrating Good Friday with a Twist: Animal Land's Alice in Wonderland Event

A Wonderland Adventure for a Cause: Animal Land's Record-Breaking Good Friday Event

This Good Friday, Animal Land didn't just host an event; we created a wonderland! Our "Alice in Wonderland" themed extravaganza wasn't just a hit — it was a phenomenon, selling out faster than any event in our history. But that's not all. This magical day did more than just captivate our guests; it raised a staggering $14,564 for a cause close to our hearts.

The Legacy of Good Friday Appeal

To appreciate the impact of our event, let's journey back to the roots of the Good Friday Appeal. Beginning in 1931, this initiative was a vision of journalists from The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd, who organized a sporting carnival to support Melbourne hospitals. Over the decades, this appeal transformed, dedicating its efforts exclusively to the Royal Children's Hospital from 1933. Fast forward to today, and this revered tradition has amassed over $368 million, symbolizing the community's unwavering commitment to healthcare and compassion​​.

Animal Land's Enchanting Contribution

Embracing this legacy, Animal Land's "Alice in Wonderland" event was more than just an entertainment spectacle; it was a conduit for generosity. Our guests stepped into a world of imagination, filled with whimsical characters and fantastical adventures, mirroring the spirit of Alice's journey. The astounding amount we raised speaks volumes about the power of community and creativity in making a tangible difference.

Don't Miss the Magic: Stay Connected

The success of our "Alice in Wonderland" event is just the beginning. As we fuse the joy of discovery with the spirit of giving, we invite you to join us on this enchanting journey. Follow Animal Land on social media to get exclusive updates on our upcoming events. Your engagement is not just appreciated; it's crucial in creating a better world for both humans and animals.

Be Part of Our Next Enchanting Chapter

At Animal Land, we believe in creating experiences that are both delightful and meaningful. Our next event is already in the works, and we promise it will be just as extraordinary. By participating, spreading the word, or interacting with us online, you help amplify our impact.

Together, let's turn every event into an opportunity for change. Join us as we continue to blend the magic of imagination with the power of philanthropy!